Vale and Max Wedding
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Our Day

Our Story

It all started in a Swiss church, where else? Max was fashionably late for a common friend's concert and cupid strikes the moment he walked down the aisle.

Vale can remember thinking he'll be the father of my children, Max wasn't too impressed by a silly remark about his belt. Two months later, after Max's noisy break up and Vale's Atlantic crossing, they were living together in London.

The rest is history. After two years of bustling city life with all night parties and fancy jobs, they decided to abandon everything, buy a van and travel through Australia. Four months into miles and miles of deserted land, Max's accident took them into a even longer journey to find themselves and their inner peace.

Two beautiful angels have guided them along this bumpy road and their names are Leonardo and Vivian. The hill in Barbarano, Italy seemed the perfect place to raise a family, but lack of jobs took them all back to London where they welcomed a new life and little Oliver. We're here now, living with joy the present moment and secretly dreaming of a life in the country.